Quarterly report supplements

The Quarterly Reports provide the disability ministers with information (including statistics) about participants in each jurisdiction and the funding or provision of supports by the NDIA in each area.  

The Quarterly Report was recently streamlined to improve the reader experience. The appendices have also been condensed, with all of the additional material now available as supplements on this page. 

Quarterly Report to Disability Ministers 2023-24 Q3

View the current Quarterly Report to Disability Ministers .

Supplement to Quarterly Report 2023-24 Q3

To find the table you are looking for in the appendices, please refer to the table of contents sheet contained within each file. The hyperlinks in this section will take you directly to the table as shown in the latest Quarterly Report.

Report to disability ministers for Q3 of 2023-2024 Supplement (PDF 5.7MB)

Supplement D State and Territory comparison 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 1.8MB)

Supplement E National 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 3.8MB)

Supplement F New South Wales 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 3.7MB)

Supplement G Victoria 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 4MB)

Supplement H Queensland 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 4MB)

Supplement I Western Australia 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 3.5MB)

Supplement J South Australia 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 3.6MB)

Supplement K Tasmania 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 6.4MB)

Supplement L Australian Captial Territory 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 3.9MB)

Supplement M Northern Territory 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 4.5MB)

Supplement N has been replaced with Supplement D

Supplement O Participants by service district 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 10KB)

Supplement P Specialist Disability Accommodation 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 1.2MB)

Supplement Q Utilisation 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 40KB)

Supplement R Access decisions and first plans 2023-24 Q3 (XLSB 45KB)

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