Provider datasets

The datasets in this section are focused on information about National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers.

The data includes numbers of active providers by State/Territory, support class they provide, disability type and age of participants they support. 

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Active providers' data

The dataset provides the count of active providers by State/Territory, support class they provide, disability type and age of participants. It enables you to better understand the availability of providers across Australia for disabilities and age group. 

The accompanying data rules for this dataset explains information about the data that may be helpful.

Data current as at: 31 March 2024

Provider datasets

The dataset provides percentage of payments to the top 10 largest providers in terms of payments made by the NDIS for the supports received.

Data current as at: 31 March 2024

You can now also find, download and compare more quarterly data through the interactive explore data tool

Commonly used data terms

The definitions listed in the commonly used data terms (DOCX 80KB) document provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding data released on the NDIS website.


The information on these pages is subject to a Data disclaimer.

The privacy of participants is of paramount importance. The NDIA has applied de-identification methods so the publicly shared data does not identify individuals. The NDIS applies these techniques while keeping the data fit for the purpose of trend analysis and general decision guidance. For academic research, please use the data request process. For more information about how NDIS makes decisions about sharing data, please refer to the Public Data Sharing Policy .

For more information relating to the data, please email [email protected].

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16 May 2024