Detailed outcomes dashboards for Victoria 

The dashboards provide outcomes data up to 30 June 2021 for NDIS participants who entered the Scheme from 1 July 2016, and their families and carers, for each service district and Local Government Area (LGA) in Victoria.

These more detailed dashboards show information gathered on outcomes based on location of a participant as at 30 June 2021 for both service district and LGA. 

Dashboards for each of the 80 service districts and dashboards for 499 out of the 574 LGAs across Australia are now available. Noting that dashboards are not provided for LGAs with less than 20 NDIS participants.

Outcomes data for NDIS participants, families and carers to 30 June 2021 by service district

Accessible versions of the data are under the Accessible data heading below.

Outcomes data for NDIS participants, families and carers at 30 June 2021 by LGA  

LGA-level dashboards are available for download in pdf or accessible excel versions. Please note that files are zipped. 

To unzip files to your computer:

  1. Double click the link with the files you wish to access 
  2. Select an option to unzip files to your preferred folder location 
  3. Access the documents on your computer.
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7 December 2021