Health and wellbeing of NDIS participants and their families and carers

Working with NDIS participants to understand and measure their experiences with the Scheme, as well as the progress they are making with their plan goals, is an important part of our work. 

We do this through the NDIS Outcomes Framework survey. This survey is completed by all participants, their families and carers. It measures the progress of participants, shows us how the Scheme is improving the lives of participants, and where we need to do better. 

Collecting this information helps us to report on the Scheme’s progress to governments in Australia. It also allows us to compare NDIS participants’ experiences to the experiences of Australians without disability.

This health and wellbeing report uses the NDIS Outcomes Framework survey to provide information about health and wellbeing outcomes for NDIS participants and their families/carers. The data in this report is current to 31 December 2020. 

It compares health and wellbeing measures of participants and their families/carers when they enter the NDIS with the general population. It then looks at changes in those measures for participants and their families/carers who have been in the Scheme for three years.

The report uses health and wellbeing data from the NDIS Outcomes Framework survey. This includes information about healthy living, mental health, how participants and families/carers rate their health, and access to health services. 

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25 August 2021