Public data sharing

Data sharing is critical to the success of the NDIS.

Public data sharing and open data allows people with disabilities, and their families and carers to benefit more from the Scheme. Transparency of this data will drive continuous improvement in participant outcomes and support a financially sustainable NDIS.

The privacy of participants is of paramount importance. The NDIA has applied de-identification methods so the only data being released is non-personal and does not identify individuals. 

Public data sharing also enables the NDIA to better exercise its functions under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act). Some of these functions include the NDIA’s requirement to:

  • deliver the NDIS
  • manage, and to advise and report on, the financial sustainability of the NDIS
  • develop and enhance the disability sector, including by facilitating innovation, research and contemporary best practice in the sector
  • build community awareness of disabilities and the social contributors to disabilities
  • collect, analyse and exchange data about disabilities and the supports (including early intervention supports) for people with disability
  • undertake research relating to disabilities, the supports (including early intervention supports) for people with disability and the social contributors to disabilities.

Data sharing has the potential to drive relevant policy development and enable programs to be properly assessed. It can also contribute to economic growth and promote innovation, which supports the NDIS in improving social and employment results for people with disabilities, and their families. 

With access to data about the Scheme, the market can adapt and adjust, as well as innovate, to benefit participants now and in the future. 

Open and free access to certain data is an important guiding principle. Market data will be available and is open source. However, generating certain data for commercial purposes, beyond released data, is not considered.

The NDIA will be providing more data for public access in stages as the Scheme grows and will be provided in various formats. 

Public Data Sharing Policy

This document explains:

  • the type of data being shared
  • what data is not covered
  • the principles underpinning NDIS data
  • why data sharing is important
  • how to gain access to NDIS data.

Public Data Sharing Policy (PDF 1.1MB)

Public Data Sharing Policy (DOCX 482KB)

Public Data Sharing Policy – Summary (PDF 605KB)

This page current as of
25 February 2022