Independent Expert Review (IER) evaluation report

We have released the Independent Expert Review (IER) trial Evaluation Report.

Read the report here:

We developed this trial to reduce the cases that need to go to an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) hearing. 

We did an evaluation to find out the following about the IER trial.

  • If participants and the sector would participate.
  • If it provided a quicker, easier and better experience for participants.
  • If it was successful and could last for a long time.
  • If we could improve our current appeals process and how we make decisions.

Similar to all ADR approaches, the processes and outcomes of IER are preferred above a contested hearing.

We found that:

  • Participants and the sector were happier with the IER than the AAT.
  • The average cost to review a case was less for the IER than the AAT.
  • There is no evidence the IER has financially impacted the NDIS yet. This is because each case is different.
  • Some cases are complex and not suitable for the IER. These will still need to go through the AAT.

The IER trial learnings are informing our people-centric approach to dispute resolution, our engagement with the disability community and our response to the NDIS Review and the Administrative Review Taskforce to establish a new Federal Administrative Review Body.

You can read more about our engagement with stakeholders to improve our dispute resolution processes.

To find out more about this research, please email [email protected].

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14 May 2024