We have released a research report about supporting cognitive remediation for adults living with psychosocial disability. 

Cognitive remediation is a therapeutic approach aiming to improve learning, concentration and problem-solving for everyday tasks and decision-making.

It is guided by a practitioner and includes exercises targeting specific thinking skills and behaviours.

Cognitive remediation:

  • is a frequently used evidence-based help.
  • uses learning principles to improve effective outcomes.
  • can be a safe and cost-effective way to support everyday functioning, work, independence and wellbeing for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorder, the most common diagnosis in NDIS participants with psychosocial disability.

This research is significant because:

  • Cognitive impairments are common in people with psychosocial disability.
  • People with severe symptoms of cognitive impairment are likely to find cognitive remediation most helpful.

To find out more about this research you can email our research team at [email protected].

This page current as of
14 May 2024