SDA pricing review technical reports

Ernst & Young (“EY”) was engaged on the instructions of the National Disability Insurance Agency (“NDIA”) to assist in undertaking independent technical research and analysis to support the Specialist Disability Accommodation (“SDA”) Pricing Review. 

The 8 Technical Reports are provided here:  

  1. EY Technical Report - Benchmark Construction Costs (1.3MB PDF)

          1a. i. SDA KA Reference Designs: Part 1 (PDF 15MB)

                ii. SDA KA Reference Designs: Part 2 (PDF 17MB)

          1b. Detailed Cost Estimate Report – MBM Quantity Surveying (887KB PDF)

  1. EY Technical Report - Land Costs (1.4MB PDF)
  2. EY Technical Report - Geographic Variation in Construction Costs (1.1MB PDF)
  3. EY Technical Report - Sprinkler Cost (843KB PDF)
  4. EY Technical Report - Exit Costs (1.2MB PDF)
  5. EY Technical Report - Vacancy Rates (1MB PDF)
  6. EY Technical Report - Ownership Costs (1.5MB PDF)
  7. EY Technical Report - Capital Asset Pricing Model (1.4MB PDF)

An accessible summary of the Reports will be made available shortly.

This page current as of
4 September 2023